Behind The News


Travon Powell (@ThatsSo7_GTI):

  • Born: March 20, 1999, (17 years old) Baltimore, MD
  • Current Education: Parkville High School (Senior)
  • Siblings: Aidan Meekins (brother), Avery Meekins (sister)
  • CEO of GTI (weGettinToIt)
    • Not a gang nor crew, its a mentality. The “It” referring to anything that you are driven to achieve. In my case, its greatness. A saying I tell myself every morning and every night. “Getting To Greatness”
  • My ultimate goal is too build and own my own major sports network, similar to ESPN, FOX Sports, CBS Sports, etc.
  • Fear of mediocrity is real and at times I am its victim. I fear being average, being just “okay”, just “cool”; I seek legendary and hall-of-fame status. Every minute of every day, I am thinking about ways to put me past the average person and do what I can to make me great, I strive for greatness even if it mean sacrificing, because I know the hard days and long nights will pay off.


Donye Stokes: