WR Brandin Cooks From New Orleans to New England – That’s a Legal Weapon

Now some how, some way, they’ve gotten former Saints, 23 year old, WR Brandin Cooks up in New England to catch passes from Tom Brady. As if they didn’t have enough talent and offensive weapons already.

Cooks told “Patriots Today: that playing for this team, this, defending champs, team is a “dream come true and a blessing”.

Just four days in officially as a Patriot and Brooks has already made him self at home, which is kinda shocking taking in the fact that he’d been in the south for the past few years. It’s interesting how Brandin Cooks is so knowledgeable about the organization. Well Cook says he’d learned a lot about the “Patriot Way” while he was practicing against team for the past two summers.

He shows much respect for the team and entire franchise as he says “These are they type of teams you want to go against to better yourself. So to be on a team like this now, it’s amazing.”

While in New Orleans, the wide receiver showed signs of frustration with his offensive role on the team after he contributed a total of zero yards in a blowout against Rams.

They tell you it's a business. Well I guess I have to turn into a businessman🏹 #shootyourarrows

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However, after parting ways with the city and team, he was sure to give the fans and franchise the proper respect they deserved.

But back to New England…Tom Brady…has so many targets. Julian Edleman, Danny Amendola, Chris Hogan, Malcolm Mitchell, Michael Floyd, and now Brandin Cooks.

There going to be a problem, once again.


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