Gettem’ Outta Here – Texans Trade Brock Osweiler

Quarterback Brock Osweiler goes from Houston to Cleveland after just one season being suited up in the Texans’ red, white, and blue. With getting rid of Osweiler, that removed his $16 million that was guaranteed.

The Texans lost a potentially great player, but they did not come out of the situation empty handed. They received one of the Cleveland Browns draft picks (142nd overall) and saved $10 million in salary cap and $16 million in cash.

“We’re really excited to acquire a second-round draft choice in this trade”

– Sashi Brown, Browns Executive Vice President of Football Operations

Now that Osweiler is going to play in Cleveland, or that’s what it appears to be, what does this mean for the Texans.

Texans goal in this situation was to clear up salary space and be financially prepared to grab Tony Romo once he’s released from the Dallas Cowboys…

Will Tony Romo be a Houston Texan or will the Texans be out of a quarterback…


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