Ty Montgomery From WR to RB

Early in the 2016 season, The Green Bay Packers lost their star running-back to a season-ending injury. An ankle injury to be exact. The team felt the loss when they realized they weren’t too stable in the backfield. Leading to the start of Ty Montgomery’s running-back days.

Surprisingly, Montgomery fell right into place at the position and ran and cut like a natural back. With that being the case, the Packers have come together and decided to make him the primary back starting 2017.

Going from No. 88 to something 20-49. The number switch isn’t allowed during the season, but you can count on it that Ty Montgomery will be running with a new number on his back.

Not a rookie any more, more like a sophomore in the league; the Stanford graduate rushed for 457 yards, 3 touchdowns, and added 348 receiving yards to his career stats. Montgomery could be a huge factor to any team, and assuming Lacywill be up for grabs in free agency, he will have an even bigger role in Green Bay


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