New Jersey Athlete with Down Syndrome is Recognized for His Hard-Work


Michael Arechavala or as referred to by his mother, “The Mayor” is a well-known three sport high school athlete in the Audubon, New Jersey area.

Every since the early age of 7, young Michael has been a participant in the Special Olmpics and this has done nothing, but push him harder as a man and an athlete and increase his interest in sports.michaelarechavala-audubon

He officially recorded an at-bat as a freshman and this past football season, scored his first touchdown. A kickoff return to be exact in a 45-6 dub on Thanksgiving. As his four years of high school comes to an end, his coaches came together to reward “The Mayor” for his work and contributions

Last week, as he faced Davon Starks from Highland Reginal at the Bart Payne Tournament [wrestling], he uncoincidentally was apart of a memorable moment.

Starks threw the match to Arechavala so that he could compete in the tournament and Starks would go on to win an indiviual title.

The individual title wasn’t for him, but for Michael Arechavala.

“It was totally a normal thing to me to make sure a person who was dealt the wrong card in life could still have fun in the sport I love,”

-Starks told USA TODAY High School Sports


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