Linebacker Terrell Suggs Doesnt Say No Names

The Baltimore Ravens look forward to a “interesting” and “fun” game this week as they travel up north to face QB — —– and the New England Patriots. Why the blanks you ask, well that’s exactly how Ravens LB Terrell Suggs sees it.

We (the public) have yet to hear the name of New England’s star quarterback, Tom Brady in the last six years. And he has his reasons.

Suggs was interviewed on Wednesday in regards to the upcoming Mondays Night game and avoiding stating Tom Brady’s name by any means

Reporter: “Tom Brady became the winningest quarterback in NFL history. What’s your take on that?”

Suggs: “He’s pretty good. Like I said, wins are wins and numbers are numbers. Numbers don’t lie. He’s pretty good.”

Reporter: “Is it fair to say you really don’t want to talk about Tom Brady?”

Suggs: “I’m like Marshawn Lynch. I know why I’m here. It’s a big game this week. We’re playing a good team. It’s going to be fun.”

Reporter: “You don’t want to say his name, do you?”

Suggs: “I mean, it’s going to be fun. We’re going to have fun. It’s going to be an interesting game. We accept the challenge.”

Instead of Tom Brady, his name, to Terrell Suggs he’s just the “quarterback from New England” or the “pretty boy from up north”.

Tom Brady, left, Terrell Suggs, right (David Butler II – USA Today Sports | Evan Habeeb – USA Today Sports)

(David Butler II – USA TODAY Sports / Evan Habeeb – USA TODAY Sports)

The beef between the two dates back to the 2010 season when Suggs made an illegal — or legal — hit on Brady, who was not thrilled with the no flag on the play and it’s been downhill from there.

In 2013, T-Sizzle was asked about how he felt about the “pretty boy”, his response was “I don’t think that’s appropriate for camera”. That should give you a perfect understanding of where the relationship lies.

However, he does give credit where it’s due.

“I mean, how many Super Bowls do they [NewEngland Patriots] got? They got, like, four or five and played in, like, six or seven,”

“You can’t do nothing but respect that. Wins are wins and championships are championships.”

Suggs on Patriots


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