(Rajon) Rondo Number9 is Suspended by Bulls

The Chicago Bulls PG was suspended by the team, taking away one game against the Portland Trail Blazers on Monday, December 5. Unfortunately, this only added to the stars’ disciplinary summary.

With his 11-years experience in the league, game suspension happens to be pretty normal for the starting point guard. Just last season, during this time of year, he was suspended for sending homosexual remarks to ref. Bill Kennedy.

Guard Rajon Rondo, left, and Ref. Bill Kennedy, right, debating and arguing after foul call (Photo Cred.: AP)

There is no public justification to this
suspension according to the Bulls but he is expected to return against the Detroit Pistons on Tuesday night

“We’ve moved past it. Its something where we’re not going to talk about the details of it.” “We’re focused on this game tonight” – Coach Fred Hoiberg

Rajon Rondo was replaced by Jerian Grant in tonight’s lineup

Rondo signed a $30 million deal for two-years with the Chicago Bulls after leading the league with an astounding 11.7 assists per game as a Sacramento King.



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