Lebron James – Remember Where You Came From


About a month ago, NBA stars inclding Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, and Dwyane Wade spoke and delivered a “call for social change” as they witness how society and generations a change but change for the worst and what can needs to be done before its too late.


James elucidated on the topic as he spoke at an event hosted by the Lebron James Family Foundation at Cedar Point amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio. “We just talked about how we felt and the state that America is in, but more importantly, what I want to talk about is the state of community”.

“I believed in order for us to ultimately be as great ad we can be as a nation that all of us have to go back to our communities and lend our hand. It starts brick by brick. It starts person by person. Family by Family. Kid by Kid”.

LBJ’s foundation hosted 5 thousand plus students and families at the event. All entrants wore vibrant orange t-shirts with the words “We Are Family” printed on the front.


The Lebron James Family Fundation, last year united with the University of Akron to pedge 2,300 college scholarships, worth more that $80 million.

Tuesday, August 16, James welcomed “our new third graders” to join him and his “I Promise” campaign (AIPN). Which is specifically tailored to the needs of middle school students in Akron, OH.

James told the families at the event, “This is always the greatest night for myself, I mean, another great night was in Golden State, Game 7. Yeah, that night wasn’t too bad. That was a pretty good night too, but this trumps it all”.


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