WR Odell Beckham Dismissed From Practice with Lower Leg Injury

Sunday, July 31, WR Odell Beckham left Giants practice after colliding with CB Janoris Jenkins

Trainers look over WR Odell Beckham after suffering a lower leg injury on collision during practice (Courtesy to: Corey Sipkin/New York Daily News)

NY Giants Head Coach Ben McAdoo says:

“Odell got cleated and has a cut or two” “He’s probably going to be sore for a couple days”

Beckham and Jenkins collided on a one-on-one match up for a deep ball from QB Eli Manning. On their way down to the ground, the two players’ legs got tangled up and Janoris Jenkins unharmed and Odell Beckham slow to get up. And once he was back on his feet, he limped to the back of the endzone to rest for a moment to be inspected by certified trainers.

Yes, Odell returned back to the field, but he did not part-take in any other drills. After a few stretching attempts at a speedy recovery, he left the Quest Diagnostics Training Center entirely at approximately 12:05p.m.

Teammate Victor Cruz, also stopped his participation in on-field workouts and drills, but remained at practiced and sat out of the Giants’ 11-0n-11 sets.

Coach McAdoo on Cruz:

“We dialed back his load today” “He did work. He finished practice, and he got the number of reps we were looking for him to get today. That’s part of the structure [plan for Cruz].”


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