KD makes his choice; NBA Nightmare

Kevin Durant, 27 year old phenom, has made his “basketball decision” and signd a 2 year, $54.3M contract with the Golden State Warriors. It’s official!

Courtesy of: Marcio Jose Sanchez/Associated Press

Joining the Splash Brothers, Steph Curry & Klay Thompson, Draymon Green and Andrew Bogut; KD will work to find the flow and his role to the team. Play of the game is different, but according to Durant’s, its a perfect fit considering personality and personel.

“It just seems like a perfect fit personality-wise” – Kevin Durant to press

Durants’ former team, Oklahoma City Thunder, recently lost to the Warriors in the Conference Finals with a 4-3 series record. With the recent loss, or “lesson”, and the acquired talents the Warriors will try hard to vanquish all competetors for another chance at a NBA ring and bragging rights.

This is way more than some millions to the All-Star, its about being great. He seeked a team that would better him both as a player and a man. KD is seeking his first ring, so why not join the team who beat you. He has the win, win, win and “GTI” mindset.

Tune in this season for some action.

Click here to watch the introduction of KD in the Golden State


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