Rose From Chicago To New York (TDP)


Former Chicago Bulls PG and NBA MVP, Derrick Rose was recently traded to the New York Knicks, signing a one year deal. Year to make or break the name. Big move for the franchise, expecting him to come in and be the answer that was missing. To have a not one, but now two star players playing alongside each other; Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose, that is when they are not injured.Derrick Rose 4

Not only did D-Rose change his location, but he also changed his jersey number. Going from No.1 (#1) in a Bulls uniform to wearing No.25 (#25) in the Madison Square Garden. We all wondered why he would switch after all the years of success. He told press that he wanted to take a piece of home with him. Which is why he chose to return to his high school jersey number. Back to them Simeon days.

This is no doubt an enormous step for the New York Knicks and with the vision of Phil Jackson, the team most definately has a growing potential. “I feel like something special is going to happen” said by Rose. He and Jackson having same feelings and visions on something great. Phil Jackson saw the opportunity and is making his move to turn the franchise around. And the first step is to change personel. Starting by hiring new head coach, Jeff Hornacek and coming up on a player who could possibly save the team. Jackson continues to build from there. Targeting elite free agents such as Kevin Durant and DeMar Derozan.

Through these previous years of injuries and surgeries, he is not the MVP player that he was during the 2010-11 season. Is he there mentally, yes. Does he suck as a player, absolutely not. He is most definately maintaining the humble and hungry attitude. The get to it mindset. He just lacks in some key areas due to his time away from the game after his torn meniscus injury. With patience and focus, he can undoubtedly be back at his peak.

“The only thing I was missing these last few years was my rhythm” – Derrick Rose


No matter how things work in New York next season, Rose will live and maintain that winners attitude and ball out like he does. Telling the press, “I just want to win” and appreciating and being grateful for the change in his life and only hoping for the best. #PositiveVibesOnly A player with no rings sounds hungry as a dog.

“I feel like I’m great right now” – Rose

Click the link below to watch Derrick Roses’ entire introductory press conference with the Knicks:

Welcome Derrick Rose

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